• ACSA Life is Art - Case study
  • by fgx studios

At the Beginning

Airports Company South Africa Retail tasked us with creating a campaign that would create awareness and encourage users to engage with their newly opened Instagram account. Running concurrently at the airport was a Spend and Win campaign called Duty-Free’licious that centred around the theme of African coffee, chocolate, and tea and this theme needed to be incorporated into our digital campaign.

Our Objectives


Launch the Instagram Account and attract as many organic followers

Coffee Cups

Get users to create virtual coffee cups via the microsite

Brand Awareness

Create awareness around the SA Airports brand

How we did it

Starting at the basics, we conceptualised around the idea that much like a good cup of coffee requires intricate crafting; or how chocolatiers spend years perfecting their craft, and tea masters commit body and soul to the final experience of a sip, every person’s everyday existence is art. Because Life is Art.

We realised that the campaign would need to be one that captured the individuality of every person interacting and it needed to be emotive in tone and approach in order to get the concept across, and get users to adopt the campaign.

Expertise Used


PHP, Java Script, Parralax Scroll, Responsive, MySQL, HTML, CSS


Web Design, Graphic Design, Freehand Pen Drawing


Facebook App Integration, Facebook SDK.



How it went

Keeping the core concept, we then created a parallax responsive site that could cater for all devices. The site allowed users to create a virtual coffee cup that drove home the experience that Life is Art. As the user scrolled through, the site was updated with the users Facebook details and images, allowing for an individualised and unique experience that reminded users that every day and every experience was one that would create a lifetime of art.

To launch the Instagram account, we then created lists of South Africa’s most successful (by numbers and talent) Instagram users. Taking the users own photos on Instagram, our artist then interpreted the photos and drew over 100 coffee cup illustrations, complete with the users handle, the microsite URL and the campaign hashtag.

The coffee cups were then packaged, with the hashtag clearly evident, along with the printed photo that the user had taken. Included in the package was an emotive call to action to ask users to help us create a movement of sharing everyday art by posting their cup to Instagram and Twitter, using #LifeisArt.

The Results

The Instagram inspired coffee cups were a great success, and appreciation was felt all across South Africa, most prominently through Instagram (45.9%) and Twitter (38.3%).


Launch the Instagram Account and attract as many followers organically as possible

Instagram Organic Growth

Twitter Organic Growth

Facebook Growth


Get users to create virtual coffee cups on the microsite

Total Entries

Email Shares

Twitter Shares

Facebook Shares


Create awareness around the SA Airports brand

Opportunities to See

Mentions Consumer

Mentions Enterprise

credibility rating of 4 up

Earned Media of R430 056


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